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Story Cottage

"A Commitment to Reading"

The Story Cottage is a separate room in which very young learners (PK4 through grade 3) go once a week to hear a story, play make-believe and explore new lands through story-telling. The Story Cottage might be a pirate ship, a Victorian garden, a Polynesian beach, a haunted pumpkin patch or a gingerbread kitchen.

These "sets" are created in order to provide a rich incentive to use the imagination and enter a world of fiction. We want to cultivate a love of reading, believing that through reading, anyone can do anything.
In the Story Cottage there are six little stuffed mice that are in charge of "Mouse Manners" for behavior in the library. Granny H introduces them during the students’ first class and reviews why the mice are there almost every week. Molly has big ears and she reminds the children that they are to bring listening ears to the library. Max has big eyes and asks the students to keep their eyes on the speaker. Marley has his mouth sewn shut so he reminds them that they are not to talk during the story. Melvin has his hand raised to ask permission to speak. Sometimes Granny H lets Melvin "talk" at the end of story time. He has a long recorded speech about how much he likes the students. Mattie has tiny feet that reminds the children to bring walking feet to the library. Millie is rather shy and reminds them to give others their own space. Each mouse has their own wardrobe that changes with each theme in the Story Cottage.

Our older students tell us that the Story Cottage is one of their fondest memories of The Benjamin Lower School.
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