Middle School

Middle School Remote Learning


Please consider the following to best support your student while learning at home:
  • Please review the Student Information below to best support the educational process at home.  
  • Establish a daily routine for engaging in learning activities.
  • Encourage your child to monitor school email and BucLinks for daily communications.
  • Engage your child in dialogue about learning.
  • Please reach out to teachers, advisors, and administrators with suggestions or for help.
  • Follow the class protocol for reporting absences due to illness.
  • Establish times for your child to turn off screens.  Encourage physical activity.
All policies and procedures are subject to change. Please refer to email communications from the Division Head and/or Head of School for the most current information.

Instructions for the Student

  • Before class begins, please remember that we must all follow the School's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Handbook Policies, Honor Code, as well as our classroom expectations at all times.
  • Please complete the account set-up and orientation process before leaving school.  Be sure you enter your first and last name for attendance during the set-up process.
  • Establish a daily routine for your school work.  
  • Find a comfortable, distraction-free room in the house to work, preferably not the bedroom. If a bedroom must be used, please do not be in your bed.
  • Create a workstation at a table or a desk for class.  Sit in a seat that is on camera so that your instructor can see you.
  • Use appropriate lighting in your room so the teacher and your classmates can see your face.
  • Be on time for class. Your teacher will take class attendance/tardies for School records.  
  • Attendance is expected. If for any reason you miss class, it is your responsibility to make up the work.
  • Dress Code:  TBS uniform polo shirt must be in view and your video must be left on at all times for you to be counted present in class. 
  • You must stay for the entire class with your camera on to be counted present for the class.  Please do not leave class before the teacher closes the session.  This will be counted as an absence.  
  • Engage in class following the instructions given by the teacher.  Please do not be on other digital devices during class.  Phones should be off and out of view.  If your phone is to be used for class purposes, your teacher will give you instructions. .  
  • Log into BucLinks for class, go to Topics, and Navigate to Zoom (or a Google Doc) to join the session.
  • Notify the Technology Help Desk for help with technical issues.
  • Perform tasks as outlined by your teacher.
  • Follow the teacher’s instructions to communicate or ask questions. Seek clarification when needed. This will be accomplished through the chat window or if your microphone is unmuted by your teacher.  
  • Your teacher will respond to questions during class time or at a later point in the school day.  
  • Follow your teacher’s directions to turn in classwork.  Put forth your best effort, as these grades will “count.”
  • Please be respectful to your teacher and classmates.  Behavioral concerns will be addressed by the School.  
  • Understand that all class sessions are recorded and microphones may be “live” at all times.
  • Classes will follow the schedule posted below. 
  • Office Hours for questions and/or extra help are scheduled for Friday.  
  • Check your email and BucLinks daily for assignments and feedback from teachers.  
  • Between classes, email teachers with questions. Please do not ask your teacher to text or call you. 


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