Fourth Grade Students Experience Turn-Of-The-Century School Day

Benjamin fourth grade students traveled back to 1886 during a visit to The Little Red Schoolhouse in Lake Worth. 

The Schoolhouse, founded in 1886 as a community project, was the first in southeast Florida. Children around Lake Worth arrived by boat, bicycle, or on foot, to be taught together in the one-room schoolhouse originally located on the Lake Trail in Palm Beach. By 1890, enrollment in the school grew to 35 students. 

“I’m a Benjamin alumna and work for the Preservation Foundation. It makes me so happy to see students from my school enjoying the living history program,” said Kristin Aiello ‘04. 

The Schoolhouse, currently located in Phipps Ocean Park, is part of The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach’s “living history” program that allows children to journey back in time for a day in the life of a school child in the 1890s. 

Benjamin students experienced a day full of turn-of-the-century scholarship including learning Spencerian script, practicing arithmetic, reciting stories, and experiencing classic recess games.

"Students experienced a typical day in the nineteenth-century in a one-room school. They wore authentic clothing, ate authentic food, and carried their lunches in authentic tins and cloths. The students truly enjoyed the experience, but felt very lucky to have their Benjamin school teachers instead of the 'school marm,' said fourth grade teacher Mrs. Cowles. 
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