BPA Hosts Parenting Workshop With Prominent Child Psychologist

The Benjamin Parents Association, in partnership with Student Services, hosted a parenting workshop with child psychologist Dr. Daniel Siegel who discussed the power of showing up. 

Siegel, an author and educator, spoke about parental presence as the best predictor of how emotionally and socially resilient children will be as they develop into young adults. 

Head of School Dave Faus, in introductory remarks to parents, praised the partnership between parents and the School. 

“I love programs like this where we can join in dialogue, hear from experts, and continue to grow our tool kit in both parenting and teaching,” Faus said.

Dr. Siegel said throughout his research, he has encountered universal findings for what helps children thrive. Among those findings, are what he describes as the “four S’s:” Safe, Soothed, Seen. When children experience all three, it gives them the fourth S - a sense of security. 

While it is the aspirational goal of parents to provide all three of these pillars at all times, Siegel says perfect parenting is quite impossible. 

“There is no such thing as perfect parenting. We are too hard on ourselves as parents. We can always aim to make a repair . . . take a deep breath and be kind to ourselves. Acknowledge the mistake and go back and make a reconnection with the child,” Siegal said. 

Siegel’s presentation was open to the entire Benjamin community and part of a year-long series of parenting workshops.
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