Spotlight: Senior Student-Athlete Trevor Natalie

Spotlight: Senior Student-Athlete Trevor Natalie, Committed To Jacksonville University
Q: When did you start playing lacrosse?
A: I started playing lacrosse in Kindergarten when my dad introduced it to me. I originally only played soccer, but my dad lived in Long Island so it was a must for me to at least try the sport and I'm very glad he did because I've loved it ever since. 
Q: Has collegiate athletics always been the goal?
A: Yes, ever since I started playing competitive lacrosse I had the dream of playing D1 lacrosse one day and I am just so honored that I get to do that at Jacksonville. 
Q: What advice would you give to current student-athletes when it comes to balancing academics and athletics?
A: Schoolwork is first, I promise you that. You might be the most talented kid on the field or court, but if you don't put that same effort in the classroom you won't get too far. 
Q: How did the pandemic affect this year's recruitment process? 
A: For myself, I was very lucky to get recruited in my first semester of my Junior year right before the pandemic hit, so it did not affect my recruitment status at all besides financially. But for others who did not commit before Covid, the pandemic affected them greatly. Because all colleges besides Ivy Leagues kept most of their seniors and gave all the other classes an extra year, it had an effect on how many kids committed to each school. In almost all schools including mine, there is a smaller class for the 2021's because there will now be more kids on the team and there is not enough money and spots to give to all kids. For the 2022's it has also been tough because you can't go visit colleges and D1 coaches can not go to many events because there are a lot of new rules due to the pandemic.”
Q: Were there any Benjamin teachers or coaches who inspired you?
A: My family and Coach Cordrey were all a huge help to me to achieve my goals. My family inspired me to work hard and let me continue to do what I love. And Coach Cordrey inspired me and taught me how to be a leader and how I reach my goals.”
Q: What are you most looking forward to in your college career?
A: I'm looking forward to meeting all the guys because I haven't met any of them in person because of Covid, and I'm ready and excited to start playing the highest level of lacrosse - something I have been looking forward to forever. 

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