'Care Crew' Helps Communities In Need

What once began as a Girl Scout Troop has since evolved into a 501c3 non-profit organization under the thoughtful leadership of a committed group of Benjamin upper school students.

“In 2019, we formed our own non-profit and began with two activities a month that were intended to help the community from hurricane relief to distributing food pallets,” said Ella Bailey.

Bailey serves as the Outreach Coordinator for the “Care Crew.” The non-profit recently formed a partnership with Lake Park Library to offer free after school tutoring to students. 

“We teach math, English, and history at the Lake Park Library to students of all ages. Most of them are elementary and middle school age and they don’t have access to tutoring,” said Bailey.

The Care Crew took part in a Back to School Extravaganza hosted in Lake Park where they helped distribute free backpacks and books and were able to register 50 students for their tutoring program. 

As their group continues to rapidly grow, they are looking to expand their areas of impact. Club member Haley Roth is offering technology classes to seniors at a local retirement community and fellow club member Hannah Soffan has used her coding and design skills to create a website for the organization. 

Bailey credited the following founding members and more recent members for the Crew’s continued success and growth:

Founding Members
Bella Marx (10)
Sophie Marx (12)
Haley Roth (9)
Hanna Soffan (10) 
Lauren Soffan (8)
Iris Hoffman (9)
Maddox Hoffman (10) 
Leah Klein (10) 
Ella Bailey (10) 
Brianna Cousin (10) 
New Members
Virginia McGrail (10)
Fredericka D'Loughy (10)
Wilhelmina D'Loughy (10) 
Samantha Hill (10)
Isabella Giovani (10)
Malia Fink (10) 
Victoria Powell (10)
Kate Quinlivan (9)
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