List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • How do I start the admission process?

    Please call the Admission Office (561.472.3451) to request an application packet and to schedule a tour. Or if you prefer, use our online Inquiry Form. Submitting an Application for Admission, Parent Statement and $100 application fee formally activates the process.
  • When should I apply?

    Students should begin the admission process and visit the campus in the fall prior to the desired entry date.  Admission events are scheduled throughout the fall and provide different formats to ask questions of faculty, students, and current parents.  Please see our Admission Events page.
  • How important are test scores?

    Admission test scores are important because they are based on independent school norms and are a predictor of success in an independent school. However, test scores are only one piece of the admission review. Equally important are teacher recommendations, grades, the admission interview, and involvement in school activities. The Admission Committee thoroughly reviews all information in a candidate’s file before making an admission decision.
  • How important are teacher recommendations?

    Teacher recommendations speak to a candidate’s progress in the classroom. This information is very important when determining whether a candidate is ready for the classroom environment and expectations at Benjamin.
  • How will I know when my application file is complete?

    Parents have the responsibility of providing to their child's current school the admission documents and to follow-up with the school. The Admission Office encourages parents to call (561.472.3451) periodically to check the status of the file. Re-enrollment of current students dictates space available at various grade levels; therefore, admission decisions for new students are made beginning mid-February, when re-enrollment is complete.
  • What is the enrollment at Benjamin?

    The 2018-2019 opening day enrollment was 1,058 students (445 in Lower School, 204 in Middle School, and 399 in Upper School). Benjamin welcomed 171 new students this year.
  • How much is tuition?

    Tuition for the 2018-19 school year ranges from $10,450 to $29,740. Tuition is set in January for the following school year and includes all books, supplies and class trips through grade 8. Upper School students have an additional fee for books and supplies, and all students purchase school uniforms. In addition, students in grades 6-12 are required to have either a laptop or tablet to use in the classroom. Students in grades 3-5 are required to have an iPad with a keyboard.
  • Are there any merit-based scholarships?

    All current 8th grade Benjamin students are eligible to apply for the Marshall Benjamin Scholarship, which is awarded to students who demonstrate a strong academic record in addition to leadership and participation in activities on and off campus. These scholarships cover one-quarter of annual tuition and are renewable for four years.
  • Are there athletic scholarships?

    There are no athletic scholarships. Benjamin does provide need-based financial assistance.
  • How does financial assistance work?

    The Benjamin School strives to admit students with varied interests, talents, and ethnic backgrounds. We offer a financial aid program that helps students for which tuition is a burden. Approximately 17.5% of the current student body receives some level of financial assistance and all parents are eligible to apply for this need-based aid.

    All information pertaining to financial assistance is kept confidential and all families receiving financial assistance are expected to contribute to tuition expenses. Students who will be considered for a financial aid award must be free of academic or citizenship probationary status during that current school year. If the School places a student on academic or citizenship probation, the discussion of future financial aid awards will be postponed until sustained improvement is noted and the student is removed from probationary status.
  • How do I apply for financial assistance?

    Families interested in financial assistance must complete an application from Smart Aid (a division of Smart Tuition), which provides tuition management services to independent schools across the country. Smart Aid's online application and instructions are available beginning in November for the following school year. Parents can apply online after receiving a financial assistance application packet from our Business Office. Please contact Pam Didio at 561.472.3474 or email Pam at to request an application packet or answer any questions you may have. Financial aid applications should be submitted online with Smart Aid along with required documents by March 15.  Applications filed after the deadline will be considered if aid is still available. 
  • Financial Assistance Review Process

    Within weeks of submitting your financial assistance application and forms, Smart Aid will provide The Benjamin School with an evaluation of how much you are likely to be expected to pay toward tuition fees. The suggested amount is not a guarantee of financial assistance; rather it serves as a guideline for the school’s financial aid committee when reviewing applications of candidates who have qualified to enroll at The Benjamin School.
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