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Monitor the Maglio Family STEM Center construction progress here!


AMC Construction has reached the halfway point on the construction of the Maglio Family STEM Center with the entire first floor structure complete. Last week, steel decking was put in place. Concrete will be poured over it to form the concrete slab for the second floor. Once the concrete settles, construction workers will begin putting up the block walls. Already,  some of the architectural design elements of the new building are becoming visible. The “eyebrows” are flat projections which protrude horizontally from the building and are located just above the first floor windows.


A large crane was brought in to hoist steel beams in place at the Maglio Family STEM Center. The beams, which form the backbone of the second floor, are attached to two main supporting columns and the first floor walls. Once all beams are in installed, AMC construction crews will put in metal decking which will hold the cement for the second floor. The second floor cement slab should be poured November 14. The structural build is approaching the halfway point.


AMC Construction crews are spending this entire week finishing up the first floor walls of the Maglio Family STEM Center and prepping for the second floor. Two load-bearing columns will be placed on the ground floor and steel beams will be put in place next week. Some of the beams are attached to first floor walls, so construction workers have to make sure they are ready to support the weight.


AMC Construction has put up all of the exterior walls of the first floor of the Maglio Family STEM Center. Up next, construction workers will put in two main columns on the ground floor which will help sustain beams forming the second floor. All of the formwork around the bridge has been removed revealing that structure.

10/3/18 First Floor Slab Completed

The concrete slab for the first floor of the Maglio Family STEM Center has been completed. That will allow for construction workers to start vertical construction in earnest with most of the first floor walls going up soon. AMC construction crews also spent this week pouring concrete in the columns and beams of the bridge that connects the new facility to the second floor of the building next door. Presently, a temporary scaffold of wooden planks outlines the shape of the bridge. Once the concrete sets, the wood will be removed.


Aerial photos of the construction site show major progress has been made on the first floor of the Maglio Family STEM Center. Crews have completed the footings for the ground floor as well as the bridge that will connect the facility’s second floor with the adjacent building. Wood panels are being used to form the molding for the concrete columns that will sustain the bridge deck. Once completed in the Spring of 2019, the STEM Center will house lower school students on the first floor and middle school students on the second floor.

9/21/18 FIRST LOOK: Classroom Interior Revealed

The Benjamin School has received its first sneak peak at one of the classrooms in the Maglio Family STEM Center. The 3-D renderings are of classroom 102. The pictures show the ergonomic furniture, a hydroponic plant growing tower, new high-powered microscopes and more. All first floor rooms have unique helix-shaped lighting fixtures that feature a green trim meant to inspire our youngest BUC’s in their new learning environment.  The building’s first floor is intended for lower school students with middle school occupying the second level.

8/31/18 VIDEO: Major concrete pour

AMC Construction brought in a boom pump to help pour liquid concrete into the remaining footing of the building. All told, workers pumped in about 100 cubic yards of concrete which is the equivalent to 202 tons. The boom pump, which is attached to a tractor trailer, is about 80 feet tall enabling it to reach the entire construction site.

8/22/18 Video: Site Leveled

The entire construction site has been leveled including the West side. This will now allow construction crews to install footings in that part of the building. Footings precede the foundation. Once the foundation is poured, AMC construction will build the walls encompassing the entire first floor. Also visible in this video, the rebar for the bridge columns. The 30-foot-tall bridge will connect the second floor of the  Maglio Family STEM Center with the existing classroom building next door.

8/10/18 Walls go up

8-foot-tall block walls have gone up in the east end of the Maglio Family Center. The area covers about a third of the building’s first floor. Next week, crews will work to waterproof the structure and backfill the surrounding area. In two weeks, AMC Construction will begin laying the foundation and putting up the walls on the west side of the building. The all-new Maglio Family Center is expected to open its doors in the Spring of 2019.

7/30/18 Aerial Pictures: Courtesy AMC Construction

This is our first aerial look at the vast construction site. The Maglio Family STEM Center is 13,171 square feet and will sit in a plot of land adjacent to the gymnasium/classroom building on the 14-acre Lower and Middle School Campus. From the air, one can see the land has been cleared and retaining walls have been built to accommodate the footing and foundation of the structure. Once built, the architectural style of the building will be notably modern and eclectic. However, it will take some of the architectural “language” from the different building styles located on campus.

7/25/18 Storm Drainage in Place

All storm/water drainage structures are now connected to underground pipes. That means construction crews are moving closer to pouring the foundation. Already, trenches have been dug to accommodate the building’s footing.

7/11/18 Footing Trenches Excavated

Construction crews have dug trenches for the footing of the STEM Center. Footings are made of concrete with rebar reinforcement that has been poured into an excavated trench. The purpose of the footing is to support the foundation and prevent settling. Part of the STEM Center is being built on a slope so the footing is essential. In addition to supporting the building’s foundation, footing is also needed to support a bridge that will connect the second floor of the STEM Center with existing classrooms in the adjacent building.

6/20/18 Pre-foundation work begins

Before the foundation is poured for the STEM Center, builders must first install all drain and sewage lines underneath the building. AMC construction crews have brought in two excavators to start digging the earth at the construction site. Several large green pipes will soon be installed to provide all necessary drainage for the 2-story structure.

6/7/18 Land clearing continues

Utility crews have already identified all fiber optic, power and water lines that run through the construction area. This allows for the entire construction site to be cleared of trees and excess soil.  Backhoes could be seen scooping up the soil and loading it onto dump trucks. Several truck loads of soil were removed in one day.

5/29/18 Furniture Road Show

Furniture manufacturer KI came to The Benjamin School with a dozen pieces of furniture including tables, chairs and modular seats as part of their “KI Road Show”. Head of School Bob Goldberg, Head of Middle School Dr. Kristen Sheehan, Lower School Science Coordinator Susan Bickel and Middle School Science teacher Stephanie Oster tested out the furniture. They were joined by several lower and middle school students currently attending summer camp who also provided feedback. KI is one of several vendors being considered to furnish part of The Maglio Family STEM Center which is set to debut in 2019. Among the most interesting pieces of furniture a cylindrical seat which reduces external noise.

5/16/18 Color Selection Process Begins

Benjamin Trustee Bob Martin, CFO/COO Leslie Downs and architects review possible color selections for the Maglio Family STEM Center. Anything from Bathroom tile, wall paint, back splashes to the elevator cab floor has to adhere to Benjamin colors and tones. The 13,171 square foot building will feature modern light fixtures and modular furniture when it debuts in 2019!

5/8/18 Construction Site Clearing

Crews continue to clear the site of all debris and vegetation. Some trees will have to removed in the coming days as they sit right in the middle of the construction area or would obstruct drainage.

5/3/18 Playground Equipment Removed

AMC Construction crews removed the playground equipment that sat on the construction site. The equipment was temporarily relocated to a staging area. Once the building is complete,  the School will decide how much of the playground can be salvaged and where it will be placed.

5/1/18 Furniture Selection Process Begins

Assistant Head for Academics Ken Didsbury, teachers Susan Bickell, Matt and Stephanie Oster and Head of Lower School Dr. Kristen Sheehan met with representatives of an educational furniture company. The new Maglio Family STEM Center will be a learning environment unlike any other and the chairs, tables and stands have to promote student movement and collaboration. The colors used have to reflect our Benjamin traditions while also being aesthetically pleasing. Once completed, the STEM Center will promote uninhibited exploration, support curiosity and encourage collaboration-- and furniture is a big part of that.

4/30/18 Fencing Completed at Construction Site

The fencing of the construction area began on schedule. The 7 feet tall, green mesh fences went up around the construction site only. Some initial work will include relocating fiber optic lines and the removal of some trees. Red dot parking car line will not be impacted for the last month of the school year. The fenced in area will keep students out from the site and the mesh will provide less of a distraction for students in nearby classrooms.

4/10/18 Pre-Construction Meeting

The Benjamin School's CFO Leslie Downs and Head of Lower School Dr. Kristen Sheehan and Head of Middle School Chuck Hagy met with Anderson Moore Construction representatives to go over the construction timeline and impact on the North Palm Beach Campus. AMC said fencing of the construction site will begin by May 1, 2018 with construction set to start as soon as school lets out for the summer. We all then walked the perimeter of the construction site to confirm the best placement of the fence.
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