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Middle School

Middle School leadership, enrichment and club offerings allow students to develop skills, explore new passions or enhance current interests. Through their participation, students find themselves broadening both intellectually and socially. Further, they cultivate their skills as leaders and as compassionate contributors to both the Benjamin community and the community at large. At the end of each semester, there is a club exposition in the quad where each club presents a demonstration of their semester’s work.

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  • Student Participation

    Students complete a form stating their first five club choices during advisory the first week of school. Consistent attendance and active participation offer students the opportunity to satisfy the activity requirement. Attendance is taken and effort is assessed to this end; in order to receive club credit, a student must miss no more than one of the eight club meetings during the school year. If such absence is unavoidable, a student in this situation must consult with the club advisor as to how the missed meetings might be made up.  
  • Schedule

    Meeting and attendance times and requirements vary. See individual requirements below for information. All clubs have over an hour a month to meet on a designated day called “Club Afternoons”. Therefore, all students must join a club.   

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  • Advanced Club of Engineering (ACE)

    Mr. Oster and Mr. Harbeck

    Due to computer and software limitations, the advanced engineering club is comprised of only a handful of highly and self-motivated engineers. The group debugs and accomplishes trial runs of sophisticated engineering programs for our STEM center. When available, they assist TBS classes in advanced CAD systems.
  • Art and Mosaic Club (7th-8th Grades only)

    Ms. McAllister and Mr. Bayless

    This club is for students who love art and creating something they and others can appreciate. Club members will contribute to the completion of a large plaster turtle for the STEM Center, as well as create their own works of art throughout the year. This club is open to 7th and 8th-grade students only.
  • Board and Card Game Club

    Mr. Ginnetty and Mr. Maddox

    Students play a variety of non-technology board and card games including Monopoly, Scattergories, Go Fish, Checkers, Sorry, etc.
  • Classics Club

    Mrs. Franzen

    Classics Club members learn Latin and Greek, enjoy Italian and Greek food, and learn about all things in classical history. Students philosophize with their friends! They also study and create classical art!
  • Eating for Life Club

    Ms. Lazarus and Mrs. Poncy

    Eating for Life is a club dedicated to teaching students how to distinguish what consists of a healthy meal/snack. They learn how to prepare these foods independently and have the opportunity to cook and taste a variety of healthy foods.
  • Foreign Language Through Film (7th-8th Grades only)

    Mrs. York and Ms. Rios

    Students watch a variety of movies related to foreign countries, languages or cultures. Some of these movies have PG-13 ratings due to the mature thematic material involving a variety of topics. These topics include but are not limited to: WW II and the Holocaust; illegal immigration from South and Central America to the U.S; inner-city schools and their sometimes violent social problems in modern-day Paris, etc. Some of the movies we will be watching include: Maricela, Life is Beautiful, El Norte, The Class, and Sarah's Key. This club is open to 7th and 8th-grade students only.
  • Geography Bee Club

    Mr. Hagy

    Students in the Geography Bee Club are on a quest to learn local and world geography. In our current society when so much is happening in international politics, it is important to know where events are playing out and how geography shapes these events. What is more, students prepare to win the third annual Benjamin school Geography Bee and have an opportunity to go to the statewide event.
  • Kindness Club

    Mrs. Devine and Mrs. Hansen

    The focus of the Kindness Club is to create an accepting, welcoming, gathering space for everyone who needs a boost of kindness. The space is Mrs. Devine's patio. Club participants will not only work on painting an original wall mural, but also create a decorative fountain filled with symbolic painted stones. Both artifacts will act as reminders that the mood of tranquility and kindness is always at the forefront of this meeting space. The patio will have a sail to cover it so the welcoming space will be safe from harmful sun's rays. This club is open to only 7th-grade students who were members of the Kindness Club last year.
  • Minute To Win It Club (6th-7th Grades only)

    Mrs. Oster and Mrs. Sukhu

    This is a fast-paced full of fun kind of club! Students take part in a series of 60-second challenges that use objects that are commonly available around the house or at school. This club is open to 6th and 7th-grade students only.
  • PEP Club

    Ms. Latimer

    The PEP Club is devoted to encouraging student athletes and encouraging the student body to support them by attending their home games. Group time will be spent making posters and other materials to publicize games and meets and to cheer on our student athletes.
  • Reading Buddies Club

    Mrs. Tanona

    This club is for students who enjoy reading and interacting with children ages 3-8. Club members read and interact with lower school students in a positive, helpful way; showing them that learning and reading can be fun!
  • Run Club

    Mrs. Ponchock

    The Middle School Run Club offers students the opportunity to properly train for a 5K race. Run club students discuss stretching, pacing, and, of course, training. Participants should bring running shoes and P.E. clothes to each club meeting, and club members should be willing to compete in a local 5k race later this school year.
  • Scribe Tribe

    Mrs. Ferguson

    Scribe Tribe members learn the steps to creating a novel masterpiece with published writer, Mrs. Ferguson. Students bring a work in progress to class or start the year with a fresh idea. Each week, they learn writing strategies that will get their creative juices flowing while bringing words to life on the page. Students may work on one chapter, or they may publish a book by the end of the year!
  • Sports Talk Club (8th Grade only)

    Mr. Cavallo and Mr. Keller

    Members of Sports Talk Club enjoy watching sports and talking about athletes and games. They watch highlights, live games, and talk about sports news. This club is open to 8th-grade students only.
  • The Ultimate Duelist

    Mrs. Bell

    This club is for the ultimate duelist! Club members enjoy playing strategy card games like Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering and want to have more time to duel with their friends. This club hosts trading card games Yu-Gi-Oh and/or Magic: The Gathering on club days so that students can duel with their friends here at TBS. Students bring their pre-made decks with them, as well as any cards they may want to trade!
  • Wiffle Ball Club

    Mr. Crisafi and Mrs. Barker

    Students enjoy the outdoors and some friendly competition by partaking in one of America's favorite pastimes.
  • Yoga Club

    Mrs. Ramirez and Ms. Wishka

    Yoga Club members learn to help themselves relax and rejuvenate. They enjoy yoga every club day and experience the benefits of a peaceful mind and body.
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