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Middle School

Middle School leadership, enrichment and club offerings allow students to develop skills, explore new passions or enhance current interests. Through their participation, students find themselves broadening both intellectually and socially. Further, they cultivate their skills as leaders and as compassionate contributors to both the Benjamin community and the community at large. At the end of each semester, there is a club exposition in the quad where each club presents a demonstration of their semester’s work.

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  • Student Participation

    Students complete a form stating their first five club choices during advisory the first week of school. Consistent attendance and active participation offer students the opportunity to satisfy the activity requirement. Attendance is taken and effort is assessed to this end; in order to receive club credit, a student must miss no more than one of the eight club meetings during the school year. If such absence is unavoidable, a student in this situation must consult with the club advisor as to how the missed meetings might be made up.  
  • Schedule

    Meeting and attendance times and requirements vary. See individual requirements below for information. All clubs have over an hour a month to meet on a designated day called “Club Afternoons”. Therefore, all students must join a club.   

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  • Board Game Club

    Chuck Maddox, Coach Ream and Gina Thompson

    Students play a variety of board games including Monopoly, Sequence, Risk, Backgammon and more.
  • Budding Authors Club

    Christine Ferguson

    It takes a lot of passion and hard work to get a children's book published. It is also important to know what editors, agents and publishers are looking for in a manuscript. With Mrs. Ferguson's help, students learn the elements needed to write and illustrate their very own picture book. By the end of the school year, each Budding Authors Club member will have a published book they can keep for years to come.
  • Chess Club

    Toby Harbeck and Matt Oster

    Chess is a fun game of strategy. It has been played on our planet for over 1500 years, and it has withstood the test of time. The brain receives many benefits from playing chess, such as an increase in IQ, more creativity, improved memory, problem solving skills, concentration and reading skills. Beginner to Advanced - all levels are welcome. Checkmate!
  • Eating for Life Club

    Erica Lazarus and Susan Poncy

    Eating for Life is a club dedicated to teaching students how to distinguish what consists of a healthy meal/snack. They learn how to prepare these foods independently and have the opportunity to cook and taste a variety of healthy foods.
  • Florida Lego League Competition Club (6th Grade only)

    Stephanie Oster and Mandy Sukhu

    This club is for students who enjoy Legos, coding and competition. No previous experience is needed. Students will learn the skills needed to be an active member of the team. This is a competitive club that meets not only on club days but after school several times a week as well as one mandatory Saturday for competition. Students work with the Benjineers from the Upper School to prepare for the FLL Competition in January. Club members are required to attend events on January 26 and February 7.
  • Foreign Language Through Film

    Diana Rios and Marci York

    Students watch a variety of movies related to foreign countries, languages or cultures. Some of these movies have PG-13 ratings due to the mature thematic material involving a variety of topics. These topics include but are not limited to: WW II and the Holocaust; illegal immigration from South and Central America to the U.S; inner-city schools and their sometimes violent social problems in modern-day Paris, etc. Some of the movies we will be watching include: Maricela, Life is Beautiful, El Norte, The Class, and Sarah's Key.
  • Geography Bee Club

    Charles Hagy

    Students in the Geography Bee Club are on a quest to learn local and world geography. In our current society when so much is happening in international politics, it is important to know where events are playing out and how geography shapes these events. What is more, students will be preparing to win the third annual Benjamin school Geography Bee and have an opportunity to go to the state wide event.
  • Harry Potter Club

    Denise Ponchock

    Breaking News:  The HPC opens its doors after many years of hibernation! The Benjamin Middle School is delighted to reveal that the HPC, or the Harry Potter Club to those new to the wizarding world, is extending a very exclusive invitation (welcoming muggles, wizards, witches, and squibs alike) to join their elite wizarding society. Students read excerpts from the novels, create literary prequels and sequels, engage in heated debates that may or may not lead to duels, invent triwizard-tournament events, hunt for dragon’s eggs, and indulge in Hogwarts-esque feasts. Harry Potter Club members are asked to suspend disbelief and lose themselves in the fantastical world of magic, mystery and adventure.
  • Inspirational Moment Club

    Jeff Cavallo and Greg Keller

    Exploration through inspirational short film clips, readings and discussion topics helps students understand what is at the core of our 12 Benjamin Values and how to apply them in our daily dealings with others.
  • Instography Club

    Danielle Wishka

    Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. It was founded on the principal of reaching viewers with great photography to communicate our thoughts, ideas and daily life. Students in Instography Club work to make photos #EvenBetter using traditional techniques like point-of-view, framing, rule-of-thirds, window-light portraiture and the ‘decisive moment’. With cell phones in hand they learn and practice a new technique each session in Instagram’s square format and edit final shots using the Snapseed app for presentation. Each student creates both a digital and traditional print portfolio to share the year’s work with family and friends. Why just take a picture when you can create a photograph? #InstographyClub (Instagram account not required for participation. All students welcome.)
  • International Food Club

    Anne Franzen and Kim Latimer

    Do you love food? Do you love travel? Then follow us on our culinary travels throughout the world! The international food club studies the culture, language, history and food around the world. This club is for students who love to learn and eat!
  • Karaoke Club

    Andrew Winter

    Karaoke Club gives students a great opportunity to sing both solo and in group numbers. The goal is to prepare students to perform in the Middle School Talent Shows, aka "Benjamin's Got Talent."
  • Kindness Club

    Kathleen Devine and Cathy Hansen

    This club is for students who enjoy making others feel good about themselves, recognized and appreciated. At each club meeting, students decide upon a group or an individual in our community who could benefit from an act of kindness. They then come up with crafty, inventive and kind ideas to celebrate the benefactor(s).
  • Math Puzzle Club

    Frank Taylor

    Students are introduced to the pleasures and challenges of solving mathematics based logic puzzles. During the club meetings, students are introduced to a variety of math puzzles including, but not limited to Sudoku, Ken Ken, Kakuro and all their variations. Club members are introduced to solution strategies that will assist them in mastering the logic of the puzzles.

  • Volleyball Club

    Bob Bayless and Nancy McAllister

    Volleyball Club is open to any Middle School boy or girl who likes to move and have fun. Games are played in the gym, but we hope to bring our Club a few times to the North Palm Beach outdoor sand court. No experience necessary.
  • Wiffle Ball Club

    Nick Crisafi and Nathan Ginnetty

    Students enjoy the outdoors and some friendly competition by partaking in one of America's favorite pastimes.
  • Yoga and Mental Health Club

    Sara Featherston and Erika Labzda

    Students relax to soothing music and learn basic yoga techniques. They learn to use the power of yoga and meditation to center themselves from the stresses of everyday life.
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