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Co-curricular Activities

Upper School

Upper School students have opportunities to demonstrate leadership and organizational skills through a wide variety of school clubs and organizations. Students are encouraged to be active classroom participants as well as active in at least one of the following groups:

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  • ACE's for Leadership

    Carol McGrath

    ACE provides leadership programs, mentoring, scholarships and internship opportunities for high school students. ACE’s focus is to inspire, train and mentor a community of Student ACES who exemplify leadership traits in athletics, community service and education.
  • American Sign Language

  • Autism/Benjamin Buddies

    Amanda Pierman

    Everybody needs a friend! Benjamin Buddies promotes friendships between students with and without IDDs (Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities). Students in Benjamin Buddies form lifelong friendships with students from The Learning Academy at The Els Center of Excellence. Our friends are hosted at a myriad of Benjamin activities so they feel included in every aspect of a typical teenage life. Special events include lunches, homecoming, plays/musicals, seek n' treat and the community Best Buddies Friendship Walk.
  • Benjamin Animal Rescue Club (BARC)

    Dr. John Peruggia

    Benjamin Animal Rescue Club (BARC) is made up of students who love and care for animals. They come together to support and help the animals, while also raising awareness of the animals and rescues in the community.
  • Benjamin Student Ambassadors

    Chris Nordland

    The Benjamin Student Ambassadors is the in-school organization responsible for hosting prospective students, contacting newly admitted students and working closely with them to assure a smooth transition. In addition to working with Admission, the Ambassadors serve the entire school population through tutoring and mentoring.
  • Benjineers

    Patrick Cullinane

    The Benjineers teach students about the worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We encourage students to solve real world problems in new, innovative ways. Our students learn skills in designing, programming, presenting and much more. Through Ten80’s curriculum, the Benjineers are helping to mold the next generation of engineers. Their activities include a national competition where students work together to create engineering projects and race 1:10 scale race cars. Visit their WEBSITE for more information.     News 3/9/18

    TwitterOrange.png Follow us on Twitter!               Benjineers Rover

                                  National STEM League (NSL)
  • Chinese Culture

    Lei Cohen

    The goal of the Chinese Culture Club is to discuss and promote Chinese culture, language and traditions. The club hosts a Chinese food tasting event on campus and holds a Chinese New Year celebration. Club members may participate in community service by providing tutoring services in nearby schools, fundraising, and/or sharing Chinese culture with younger students at other schools.
  • C.O.R.D.O.V.A. (computationally obtaining rigorous development of video amusement)

    Patrick Cullinane

    CORDOVA is a group of students interested in creating video games from scratch. That means musicians make sound effects, scores, and more. Artists create characters, backgrounds and skins. Story writers generate the background of each character developed. And don't forget the programmers who bring it all together using Unity. This club will be challenging, but rewarding to those who dare take up the mantle. And in the end you will be able to play a 100% original video game created by the students.
  • Dance

    Sara Salivar

    The Benjamin after-school dance program is extensive, varied, and offers one hour and half-hour classes in ballet/point, modern, tap and jazz dance. Students receive instructions in our state-of-the-art studio, specifically designed for the care and maintenance of the serious and recreational dancer. Dancers have many opportunities to perform at local functions and benefits.

  • DECA

    Alex Terry
  • Diversity Council

    Alain Darang

    The Diversity Club is comprised of Benjamin students dedicated and committed to increasing their own cultural knowledge and awareness, as well as that of the Benjamin community in general. The club is an important aspect of Benjamin’s commitment to diversity in general and in terms of its specific benefit to our school. Through thoughtful discussions, guest speakers, research and planned programs, the club is able to educate its members and the school.
  • Drama Club

    Tom Bazar, Sara Salivar

    The Drama Club is available for the students who enjoy drama and would like to further their involvement in theater by participating in Drama Club activities. Students are given the opportunity to learn about many aspects of the theater through workshops, seminars and hands-on experience. Some of these areas include directing, staging, stage managing, acting, costuming, choreography, lighting and sound maintenance.

  • Drum Line

    Nick Lockey
  • Environmental Club

    Katelyn Chellemi

    The Environmental Club is a student-run organization for those interested in environmental issues. Students participate in on-campus volunteer activities such as recycling and help to educate their peers on environmental issues. Students also plan trips and activities such as hiking.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

    Ron Ream

    Meetings are highlighted by student speakers, guest speakers, ice breakers, Bible stories, bible trivia and games. Our biggest project each year is our annual Christmas Drive for food and toys for the needy. Meetings are every Friday at 7:30 a.m. All students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend.
  • Finance Club

    Hope Meyers

    Members of the Finance Club learn about portfolio management and various types of Financial investment products. Annually, they use their learning to compete in the Knowledge@Wharton Competition and various smaller personal finance competitions within Florida. Towards the end of the school year, senior club members develop a financial plan for their after-graduation lives.
    The club meets during Thursday activity times and a few Thursday after-school meetings for special guests from the finance world.
  • French Club

    Colleen Donnelly/Beverly Gustafson

    Meeting twice a month on average, the French Club immerses students in language and culture with passionate collaboration that occurs beyond the classroom. Throughout the year, the club works toward keeping its first place reign at Congrès, Florida’s annual statewide French competition. The club works closely with Hands Together of the Palm Beaches, tutoring children of Haitian immigrants and hosting supply drives for Haiti. Club members help these elementary to high school students catch up academically to the speed of their grade levels, teaching them skills they may have never fully understood or learned at all. Vive la France et le monde francophone!
  • Habitat for Humanity

    Perry Feyk

    Members of the Benjamin Habitat Club work with the Jupiter and Martin County chapters of Habitat for Humanity International to assist with building homes for those in need. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit housing organization which builds simple, decent, affordable houses in partnership with those who lack adequate shelter.
  • Hands Together

    Marybeth Donaldson

    Hands Together is a club that supports The Hands Together of the Palm Beaches organization. Club members volunteer at the tutoring center in Lake Worth and participate in different community service projects, such as getting and delivering holiday gifts to the children at the center. The club has a supply drive later in the school year, collecting medical provisions for the medical mission trip in June. 
  • Harvard Model Congress

    Mary Ditaranto

    The Harvard Model Congress is a three day mock legislative congress, featuring a presidential election, district and Supreme Court cases, senate and house sessions run by the Harvard students on their campus. Students with strong academic credentials and active participation in history are invited.
  • Health, Fitness and Nutrition

    Eric Kresser
  • Honor Council

    Suzanne McCambridge
  • HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)

    Amanda Pierman

    HOSA is also referred to as the Future Health Professionals. This is an international organization in which The Benjamin School has a chapter. Students that belong to our chapter will have scholarship opportunities, ability to network with other health related professionals, and the choice to compete in one of the 52 different competition options at a regional, state and international level. Please see for more information. 
  • Jam Session Club

    Bekka Goldberg
  • Japanese Club

    Dr. James Haley
  • Jewish Student Union

    Linda August

    Jewish Student Union members meet once or twice a month to d
    iscuss current events, Israel, holidays and general knowledge of Jewish folk lore. They also participate in trivia games, arts and crafts and cooking.
  • Junior States of America (JSA)

    John Peruggia

    The Junior States of America is the largest student-run government education association in the country. All JSA regional conferences, special events and weekly chapter meetings are run by the students themselves in order to gain valuable practical experience in the art of democracy. JSA combines elements of debate with the agenda of political issues symposium.
  • Key Club

    Anna Wright

    The Key Club is an international student-led organization which presents its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. The vision is to develop competent, capable and caring leaders through service activities. The core values of Key Club are leadership, character building, caring and inclusiveness.
  • Middle East Club

    Dr. Benjamin Harper
  • The Mindful Student

    Sue Ball
  • Mock Trial Team

    Caroline Guzman
  • MTG Club (Magic the Gathering)

    Patrick Cullinane

    MTG, otherwise known as Magic the gathering is a club for those new and old to the game. Magic the gathering is a club that puts 2 or more people against eachother in a fast paced card game with monsters, traps, magic, and more. It is easy to learn but hard to master. The club meets to discuss different strategies, new decks, and work on their skills by playing each other. Fun for everyone.
  • Mu Alpha Theta

    Michael Ruggie

    Mu Alpha Theta, the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society, was formed in 1957 at the University of Oklahoma. It is dedicated to inspiring a keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school and two-year college students. Mu Alpha Theta offers after school tutoring for students who are struggling in their math classes. As of June 2017, more than 110,000 students were Mu Alpha Theta members at more than 2,400 schools in the United States and in 20 foreign countries.
  • National Art Honor Society (NAHS) / Geodes

    Sarah Davis

    The National Art Honor Society exists for the purpose of inspiring and recognizing those students who have shown an outstanding ability in art. The NAHS also strives to aid members in working toward the attainment of their highest potential in the arts, and to bring attention to the school community. NAHS works to sponsor school events and fundraisers and helps to facilitate student art exhibition opportunities.
  • National Honor Society (NHS)

    Sara Misselhorn

    The Faculty Council elects the membership of the National Honor Society. Students must meet four criteria: scholarship, character, leadership and service. The Council invites all faculty to provide input on academically qualified candidates (3.67 or better cumulative GPA). In addition, each candidate has an opportunity to complete a Candidate Information Sheet, and current officers of NHS interview each candidate. This information provides the basis on which Faculty Council evaluates candidates for membership in National Honor Society.     Fall 2018
  • Peer Counseling (Grades 11-12)

    Amy Taylor, Renea Yates
  • Place of Hope

    Sue Ball
  • Red Cross Club

    Shannon Anderson, Sharon Wendler

    The American Red Cross is one of our country's largest emergency response organizations. The Red Cross Club allows student to serve under the symbol of the largest international humanitarian organization in the world. The students have the ability to act locally and simultaneously to be part of something that truly impacts the world through everyday interventions that are powerful and inspiring. The core American Red Cross mission is to provide relief to victims of disaster and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. The Red Cross also provides support services and comfort for service members and their families. Our Club members participate in the following service projects:
    • Blankets for children hospitalized at St. Mary's Hospital (club members make blankets after school)
    • Support the Hispanic Resource Center during the Christmas Holidays
  • Spanish Club

    Ivette Casiano

    The Spanish Club discusses current events affecting Latin-America and Spanish-speaking countries. In addition, the club exposes Benjamin students to Hispanic traditions and cultures. The club is not only designed for Spanish-speaking students or Spanish-enrolled students, but is open to all Benjamin students with diverse backgrounds who show interest in the subject. The Club adopts a 4th grade class in Orlando, where the club attends Spanish Conferencia each year. Club members collect 4th-5th grade appropriate books and school supplies for the class.
  • Speech & Debate Team

    Dr. John Peruggia

    Debate Team in Benjamin News

    The Speech and Debate Team is open to any student with an interest in current political affairs, arguing topics that he or she is passionate about, delivering speeches, or even learning about congressional procedure. The club gives students the opportunity to participate in competitions against other Florida schools in various categories, while earning membership to the National Speech and Debate Association. The team is a member of the Palm Beach Catholic Forensics League (part of the CFL), the Florida Forensics League, and the National Speech and Debate Association.
  • Student Council

    Amanda Pierman

    The Student Council is the liaison between the students, administration and faculty. This is the only club whose officers are elected by the entire school. Student members from each grade serve on the board representing the ideas and voices of their class. Student Council runs the concession stand providing snacks and drinks for sale during lunch time. The concession money is used to produce the Homecoming Dance, Spirit week, Chillin'-n-Grillin', and many more fun activities.
  • Students with Ability to Tutor (SWAT)

    Marisol Tejera-Mede

    Students with Ability to Tutor (SWAT) is a club that has students available every day to tutor other students when they need it in all subjects. The goal is to reach all students for them to know that there is help every day if they need it. The club members also go and help the lower/middle school students, as well students that attend schools other than Benjamin.
  • Sunshine Club

    Marisol Tejera-Mede

    Sunshine Club in Benjamin News

    The main goal of the Sunshine club is to bring sunshine to others, especially when someone is going through a hard time, has lost a family member or just needs help with meals etc.

    The club meets every 2 weeks to talk about events, projects and community service opportunities. Each member is required to participate in a group community service project.

    This Christmas, the Club adopted Pat Reeves Village which is a center for the homeless and homeless at-risk in Palm Beach County. It is an emergency shelter for homeless families with dependent children. The Club bought and wrapped 61 presents for the children at the center and one of our members took them there.

    The Club sends baskets to the family of students that have lost a family member. The members also cook dinner for the family for an entire week. The Club also sends birthday cards to all upper school faculty members with a piece of candy and a wish for a happy day!
  • TBS Glee Club

    Bekka Goldberg
  • Yale Model United Nations (YMUN)

    Sara Misselhorn

    Yale Model United Nations is a four-day international relations simulation for high school students held annually on Yale University’s campus in New Haven, CT. At YMUN, delegates from all over the world interact with one another through debate and diplomacy to solve complex challenges facing the world today. Students take on the roles of UN representatives and members of other international bodies and national cabinets, and learn about the workings of international politics and problem solving. By engaging in topics concerning security, economic development, and social progress, delegates learn to navigate the complexities of international negotiation and teamwork, adopt new perspectives and develop comprehensive resolutions to pressing global issues.
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