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May 25, 2022

What a remarkable year to be a Buccaneer!

As things wind down on campus and the slower summer pace is upon us, I am reflecting on my personal highlights this year and sharing ten of my favorite moments in this video: https://youtu.be/0VKUwCewkwk

Wishing you a safe and happy summer,

David C. Faus
Head of School
April 1, 2022

Last week, I had the great pleasure of welcoming parents of alumni to our Parents of Alumni Association Kick-off event. Over the years we have heard from parents– some of whom had spent countless hours serving Buc Pizza, volunteering at the Olympics, BASH, or the library– how they felt a void as soon as their child graduated from Benjamin. 

In conjunction with the alumni office, this group will plan and host several events each year including networking events, a Lifelong Learning Series, volunteer opportunities, and more. 

One of my favorite parts of welcoming this group of parents to the Kick-Off was sharing how Benjamin is changing and growing while maintaining the ethos passed on from Nancy and Marshall Benjamin more than 60 years ago. We currently have an enrollment of more than 1200 students with 200 faculty and support staff. That is a bit bigger than the Benjamin many of these parents remembered, but that increase has allowed us to offer even more programming for our students. 

Ten years ago, we didn’t have a robotics team, but now we have one headed to the world championship. One year ago, we didn’t have beach volleyball courts; now we have a team dominating the competition. With top notch facilities like Benjamin Hall and our STEM Center, we have kept our students moving forward by offering the best facilities for their engagement. But, the pond still remains on the Lower School, as does the bell and the beautiful banyan trees in our quad. 

It was fantastic to catch up with the group of parents - some who had children graduate in the 1980’s and others whose kids are still in their freshman year of school. This particular group is one who has seen the proverbial “proof in the pudding” as their sons and daughters have taken the lessons learned at TBS and forged their paths in the world. They know the value of challenging students individually while also providing support and encouragement necessary for success. And many of them look back on their days as a TBS parent and recall a memory where their child had a struggle, persevered with the help of a teacher advocate, and emerged with that feeling of gratification you get when you work hard. 

Over the years, we have taken what is best about a TBS education and made it stronger, pushed it forward with thoughtful reflection and made improvements for the next generation. I look forward to continuing to share the Benjamin experience with our parents of alumni, for they truly are Buccaneers for life.

February 10, 2022

The momentum of the spring semester continues to propel our students to multiple achievements. The highlight of the week, and for many, the entire school year, was the 32nd annual Lower School Olympics. Despite one rain delay, it was a perfect week. The courage, kindness, and integrity displayed on our field each day was truly second to none. As one of our most beloved traditions, each 1st-5th grade classroom adopts a country, spends a month immersed in learning about their culture, and then represents that nation in a day of field games.
    • Congratulations to 3F who represented Japan and took home the gold medal!

January 20, 2022

At the end of 2021, The Benjamin School acquired the former bank property on the corner of US1 and McLaren Road. As part of our master campus planning work, we are asking ourselves what to do with this blank space. 
Chairman of the Board, Darren Lowe and I caught up with Mrs. Hogan and other teachers and students to get their ideas for how to grow our campus footprint. 
Check out what they had to say:

December 17, 2021

As I punched tickets for our second grade students to board the “Polar Express'' yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel like that moment was the culmination of a season’s worth of holiday magic at TBS. Our school is rich with traditions, and our annual events are enriched by an engaging faculty, a diverse group of students, and an incredibly supportive parent community. As we wrap up a successful first semester, I feel such pride and gratitude for our special school. 

Our campuses have been bustling with activity as we head into the holiday break. Four stellar Kindergarten shows with live audiences in the BPAC were so fun to watch. I'm always amazed at how our students shine on the stage with each 5 or 6-year-old stepping up to the microphone for a line or song. The arts continued to shine in Benjamin Hall as some of our dancers joined Ballet Vero Beach for their "under the sea" spin off of the Nutcracker. While our dance team may not have previously envisioned themselves dressed as turtles or manatees in a famous ballet, they embraced this unique experience and impressed the audience with their joyful performances.

November 4, 2021

Both campuses are abuzz with excitement and activity this Fall as the cooler weather (for Florida at least) ushers in a whole new host of activities for the Benjamin community. 

I’ve had the joy of welcoming parents, alumni, and friends of the school back to campus for a variety of exciting events and annual traditions.

While our students enjoyed performing in the WOW Multicultural Show under the banyan trees, and the lower school zig zagged the football field at the Halloween parade, we also had the opportunity to engage more than just our current student body with two inaugural events this season. 

The Alumni Association hosted their first golf classic which was a resounding success, raising money for the school and welcoming alums back to their alma mater. Alumni joined forces with past parents, current parents, and trustees, for a friendly round of golf followed by a lunch reception at PGA National.

The school also hosted a women’s tennis tournament the evening of November 3 at the upper school. The round robin tournament, spearheaded by the BPA, was a great opportunity for new and returning parents to get to know each other through friendly competition.

One of the best aspects of the Benjamin community is that it is truly a community - a place where every member of your family can participate and be a part of the experience. 

I’m looking forward to meeting and reconnecting with more Buccaneers as we wrap up the first semester. 

Go Bucs!

October 4, 2021

Last week I experienced another Spirit Week as a Benjamin Buccaneer. I enjoyed kicking off the Homecoming football game with a series of spirited festivities, activities, and friendly competition. 

Faculty held their own during the student vs. faculty kickball game at the upper school. I was impressed by the performances of Head of Upper School Fletcher Carr, English teacher and alumna Mrs. Steiner ‘90, and Senora Tejera-Mede as they battled it out each inning.  

Throughout the week, it was wonderful to witness all three divisions coming together in solidarity and showing their Buccaneer pride, including our lower school students who had the opportunity to participate in Spirit Week for the first time. Their excitement seeing the “big kids” come to the lower/middle school campus for a handful of events was contagious. While our school spans three divisions, we are all still connected as one Buccaneer family. 

I enjoyed my time watching our Bucmates Club, a group of “15-Year-Club” members, interact with younger students at morning drop-off. Our 3rd grade was also treated to a visit from two senior cheerleaders and four varsity football players who spoke to the class about their experiences as student-athletes, and encouraged them to come to Friday night’s Homecoming game.

The Homecoming game against American Heritage, Delray, was full of school spirit and ended in a Buccaneer victory! It was great to watch the exciting athleticism and sportsmanship on the field along with the community and conversation found in the Alumni tent and along the sidelines. Seeing so many former Buccaneers return to their alma mater for these annual events is a testament to the lifelong affiliation and fondness former students have for TBS.

Once a Buccaneer, always a Buccaneer.

September 11, 2021

The rhythm of the fall semester is upon us. Athletic teams are deep into their seasons, rehearsals for the play and Variety Show are underway, and classrooms are filled with energy and enthusiasm as students and teachers share ideas. 

New lower school students have been enjoying pizza lunches with Dean Peterson at Robyn’s Nest on the lower school campus. Overhearing the joy and camaraderie of our new Kindergarten students as they played Buc trivia over lunch was heartwarming. Dean Peterson asked students to raise their hands if they had come from a different state. After all those with raised hands announced where they had hailed from, one new child raised their hand to declare that they did not come from a state. While this elicited a quiet chuckle, I was quickly humbled when they followed with, “I came from Germany!” 

Meanwhile, in the middle school, courageous and talented young athletes have not only joined some of our varsity teams, they are contributing profoundly to their success. Benjamin 8th grader Gabbi DeGasperis broke the school’s girl’s golf record at the Palm League Championship this week. 

At the high school level, students are experiencing success in a variety of disciplines. Seniors Gerald Bissell, Joey Slyh, and Grady Wolf were named National Merit Semifinalists in the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program. They join a small nationwide group of award winners and represent less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors.

August 23, 2021

What a wonderful first week of the 2021-2022 school year. This promises to be an exciting year of learning and opportunity for our students, faculty, and staff. I enjoyed my mornings greeting many of our younger Buccaneers at drop-off and pick-up and witnessing first-day jitters quickly turn to end of week excitement.

Participating in the annual “Senior Clap-In” where the Class of 2022 assumed the mantle of leadership for the School was another highlight. I’m excited to see where their journeys take them beyond Benjamin as they will undoubtedly matriculate to a wide variety of impressive colleges and universities across the country.    

As I reflect back on a week well done, I’m reminded why the beginning of a new school year is an annual highlight. Truly nothing matches the excitement and promise of new beginnings unfolding.

Here’s to a fantastic year ahead!
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