Middle School

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  • Compassion for Adolescents

    From the moment middle school students arrive on campus, they are guided by a community of supportive educators passionate for teaching the early adolescent. Our exceptionally skillful and creative teachers are characterized by their commitment to the academic success of the individual student. An engaging and challenging learning environment is designed to foster confidence, self-esteem, global understanding, personal and civic responsibility and a love for learning.
  • Emphasis on the Student

    Every student in the middle school is individually paired with a teacher/advisor to serve as his/her nurturing advocate throughout the academic year. A preventative and responsive Student Services Department provides students with consistent social and emotional support through an age-appropriate Character Education programCommunity service initiatives instill the value of caring and helping others.
  • New Ways to Apply Knowledge

    The Middle School challenges students to explore, to create, to make responsible decisions and to actively participate in their learning. An interdisciplinary focus rich in technology provides students the tools to apply newly acquired knowledge. rigorous core curriculum reinforces basic skills and innovative course electives introduce students to a wealth of novel and meaningful information.

    -based, hands-on learning that connects to real world situations complements the learning environment. Meet Benji the loggerhead sea turtle and most recent addition to the Middle School science curriculum.

    A vibrant visual and performing arts program encourages self-expression and creativity, while participation in team sports and co-curricular activities furthers the social and physical well-being of our students. Upon completion of the middle school program, students depart 
    as confident, maturing teens well prepared for a successful learning experience in Upper School.

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