Legacy Families

Legacy Families

As a Legacy Family, we value you and your family's continued participation in the life of our school. Your multi-generational family connections are one of our core strengths at Benjamin and we love that the traditions of Benjamin live on with your family.

Who are legacy families?

The school recognizes legacy families as students and alumni whose families, including parents, grandparents, and/or siblings, attended or currently attend Benjamin.

We want to get to know you!

Tell us your story — we want to hear about you and your family's experiences at Benjamin. Email to share your story, and please include some current family photos!

2023-2024 Alumni Legacy Families List

Mr. Josh P. Arwood '95 and Mrs. Leigh Arwood
              Caleb Arwood '25, Collier Arwood '27, and Alexis Arwood '30
Mrs. Kelly Armentano '01 and Mr. Frank Armentano
              Mary Armentano '37
Mrs. Sara P. Badham '05 and Mr. David Badham 
              Warner Badham '36 and Lucile Badham '38
Mr. Brett C. Barner '92 and Mrs. Ivette Barner
              Reagan Barner '36 and Olivia Barner '38
Ms. Chloe M. Bieber ‘12
              Ivy Allert ‘38
Mrs. Janna Scarola Bischoff '94 and Mr. Michael Bischoff
              Elizabeth Bischoff '25, Grace Bischoff '27, and Charlotte Bischoff '29
Mr. Alexander H. Brock '06 and Mrs. Erin Brock
              Jack Brock '38
Dr. David C. Brodner '88 and Mrs. Kelly Brodner
              Lila Brodner '26
Mr. Chad Bubis Esq. '03 and Mrs. Andrea Bubis
              Rae Bubis '35
Mrs. Erin A. McRoberts Carroll '98 and Mr. Matthew Carroll
              Reef Carroll '24
Mr. John C. Cassidy Jr. '85 and Mrs. Celeste Cassidy
              John Cassidy III '24
Mrs. Nicole Warren Cavallo '98 and Mr. Jeff Cavallo
              Caroline Fuller '26 and Jack Fuller '29
Mr. Brad L. Chamness '83 and Mrs. Tove Chamness
              Ruby Chamness '30 and Ella Chamness '33
Mrs. LeeAnne Colamarino Pakett '98 and Mr. Brian Pakett
              Zoe Pakett '33 and Maya Pakett '36
Mr. Scott M. Colton '81 and Mrs. Pauline Colton
              Brooks Colton '27 and Trace Colton '29
Dr. Jeanmarie Burigo Connor '97 and Dr. Michael Connor
              Chase Connor '26, Caroline Connor '29, Christopher Connor '32, and John Michael Connor '34
Mrs. Jamie Cowles '04 and Mr. Kristopher Cowles
              Emerson Cowles '34 and Bodie Cowles '37
Mrs. Morgan L. Norman Dillavou '01 and Mr. Chris Dillavou
              Harrison Dillavou '33, Hendrix Dillavou '34, and Poppy Dillavou '36
Mr. James J. Doyle '98 and Mrs. Lauren Doyle
              Craig Doyle '30
Mrs. Brittany Drozda and Mr. Zachary Drozda
              William Drozda ‘32 and Price Drozda ‘34
Mr. Juan Carlos Fanjul '93 and Dr. Helia Fanjul
              Ariana Fanjul '36
Mr. Robert S. Gimson '04 and Mrs. Kimberly Gimson
              Kyrie Gimson '32, Robert Gimson '34, and Finley Gimson '37
Mr. Justin Guerra ‘03  and Mrs. Shelby Guerra ‘03
              Miles Guerra ‘34 and Ellie Guerra ‘38
Mrs. Cara S. Scarola Hansen '97 and Mr. Patrick Hansen
              Jack Hansen '27 and Cecilia Hansen '29
Mrs. Linden O. Hass '99 and Mr. Matthew O'Connor
              Oliver O'Connor '36
Mrs. Mara Poncy Hatfield '92 and Mr. Jay Hatfield
              Atticus Hatfield '29
Mr. Matthew D. Hay '04 and Mrs. Alison Hay
              Dean Hay '33 and Brooke Hay '36
Mrs. Mattie Higgins Hayes '94 and Mr. Michael Hayes Jr
              Caden Hayes '25
Mr. Aaron I. Hershman '04 and Mrs. Maria Hershman
              Nora Hershman '34
Mr. Robert A. Higginbotham '82 and Mrs. Stephanie Higginbotham
              Emery Higginbotham '30
Mr. Jack P. Hill '93 and Mrs. Michelle Hill
              Jackson Hill '26 and Emily Hill '28
Mr. Nathaniel H. Hill ‘90 and Sandra Anon
              Lucas Hill ‘30
Dr. Kersten Beaver Johnson '93 and Mr. Eric Johnson
              Connor Johnson '27
Mr. Lawrence J. Kelleher IV '90 and Mrs. Anna Kelleher
              John Kelleher '27
Mr. Alex Kochman ‘06 and Mrs. Jill Kochman
              Jeremy Kochman ‘36
Mr. Eric J. Kresser '92 and Mrs. Jenna Kresser
              Madelyn Kresser '32 and Marshall Kresser '36
Mr. Paul S. Lawler '02 and Mrs. Danielle Lawler
              John Lawler '33 and Margaret Lawler '38
Mrs. Kristen Desmond LeFevre '93
              Sawyer LeFevre '25, Wyatt LeFevre '27, and Libby LeFevre '32
Mrs. Amanda Beach Leonard '91 and Mr. Justin Leonard
              Luke Leonard '25 and Sky Leonard '28
Mrs. Jill P. Locker '95 and Jason Locker
              Logan Locker ‘37
Ms. Marti K. Lotman '06 and Mr. Dale Alexander
              Ava Alexander '34 and Adelyn Alexander '38
Mrs. Clancy Weller MacDonald '02 and Mr. AJ MacDonald
              Claire MacDonald '34 and Annabel MacDonald '37
Mrs. Christine Casey Magee '11 and Mr. Ryan Magee
              Grayson Magee '37
Dr. Matthew B. McAlees '02 and Mrs. Cara McAlees
              Piper McAlees '35 and Sloane McAlees '36
Mrs. Corey Morrow ‘03 and Mr. Matt Morrow
              Lucian Morrow ‘38
Mr. Steven C. Nicklaus '81 and Mrs. Krista Nicklaus
              Taylor Nicklaus '26
Mrs. Jessy Fulford Padon '01 and Mr. Brent Padon
              Hazel Padon '30 and Henry Padon '33
Mr. Jason L. Pierman '96 and Mrs. Amanda Warner Pierman '97 
              Robert Pierman '26
Dr. Morgan R. Poncy '88 and Dr. Suzie Poncy
              Calvin Poncy '25
Mr. Bryan Reid ‘91 and Mrs. Holly Reid
              Myles Reid ‘27
Mrs. Alexandra L. Reilly '04
              Jake Reilly '31 and Luke Reilly '33
Mrs. Seneca M. Reynolds '95
              Chandler Reynolds ‘27
Mr. Justin M. Roemer '02 and Mrs. Cynthia Roemer
              Sienna Roemer '36 and Madison Roemer '38
Mr. Thomas J. Rooney, Sr. '89 and Mrs. Tara Rooney
              Seamus Rooney '25
Mr. Brian J. Rooney '91 and Mrs. Tiffany Beach Rooney '93
              Silas Rooney '24 and Eleanor Rooney '25
Mr. Christopher M. Rooney '87 and Mrs. Janine Rooney
              Bridget Rooney '29
Mrs. Liege Monteiro Rothman '95 and Mr. Michael Rothman
              Hudson Rothman '37
Mr. David J. Scarola '97 and Ms. Annette Mendoza
              David Scarola '24 and Samson Scarola '25
Mr. Reid Schupp '07 and Mrs. Lotte Schupp
              Liam Schupp '36 and Emmett Schupp '37
Mr. Christian D. Searcy, Jr. '98 and Dr. Deborah W. Searcy
              Elizabeth Searcy '30 and Alexander Searcy '32
Mr. Kyle Sheehan '96 and Mrs. Traci Sheehan
              Samantha Sheehan '34 and Jordyn Sheehan '37
Mr. Daniel R. Sheehan ‘94
              Jack Sheehan '31 and Katherine Sheehan '32
Mr. John R. Siragusa III '02 and Mrs. Allison Siragusa '02
              Caroline Siragusa '35
Mr. Ryan T. Smith '93 and Mrs. Megan Smith
              Margaret Smith '24 and Ryan Smith '26
Mr. Scott B. Smith '91 and Mrs. Molly Smith
              Tucker Smith '25 and Charles Smith '26
Mr. Whit Staples '95
              Willow Staples '27 and Finnley Staples '30
Ms. Molly M. Stringer '95
              Michael Burris '31 and Kathryn Burris '32
Mr. Douglas J. Surowitz '98 and Mrs. Lina Surowitz
              Ivana Surowitz '30, Nicholas Surowitz '33, and Emily Surowitz '33
Mr. Talbot K. Sutter '07 and Mrs. Adriana Sutter
              Scarlett Sutter '37 and Sterling Sutter '38
Mr. Brandon Tartaglia ’04 and Dana Tartaglia
              Walker Tartaglia ‘38
Mr. Jason W. Tartaglia '06 and Mrs. Erin Tartaglia
              Dawson Tartaglia '36 and Adler Tartaglia '38
Mr. Cody C. Travaglini '04 and Mrs. Nasheema Travaglini
              Cash Travaglini '35 and Alfonso Travaglini '37
Mrs. Patti Doran Walczak '89 and Mr. Paul Walczak
              Addison Walczak '26
Mr. Brian K. Waxman '86 and Mrs. Alice Waxman
              Reid Waxman '26
Mr. Peter D. Waxman '89 and Mrs. Holly Waxman
              Violet Waxman '27
Mr. Eric D. Weinberger '93 and Mrs. Megan Weinberger
              Riley Weinberger '25
Mrs. Renee G. Werner ‘05 and Mr. Josh Werner
              Bryce Werner ‘34 and Kaden Werner ‘37
Mr. Robert M. Wuhrman '83 and Mrs. Renee Wuhrman
              Ryan Wuhrman '24
If you are a 2023-24 legacy family and your name does not appear on this list, please contact Ashley Simmons at so that she may update our records appropriately. 
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