Head Lice

In an effort to be proactive and preventative, we conduct head lice screening of students. This screening is only a small part of the necessary diligence in keeping your child free of head lice. All parents should do regular head checks once a week, along with the clinic doing random head checks.
If you notice that your child is scratching his/her head and is experiencing intense itching of the scalp, these are possible symptoms that may indicate that your child has head lice. Their presence can be confirmed by a close visual inspection of the hair and scalp under good light. Look for tiny, grayish crawling forms or tiny, whitish, oval eggs adhering to the hair shafts about ¼ inch from the scalp.  A way to distinguish these whitish eggs from dandruff is that dandruff will be easily removed from the hair shaft, compared to nits which are difficult to remove and require combing with a nit comb.

Check all family members when lice are found on anyone in the house. Disinfect combs, brushes, hats, scarves, coats, bed linen, stuffed animals or toys that may have come in contact with the infected person’s head.  To disinfect, wash items in very hot water. Helmets and headphones can be put in the freezer for a couple of hours and/or items may be put in a sealed, plastic bag for at least 2 weeks. Thoroughly vacuum carpets, upholstery and mattresses, then change the vacuum bags. We would also encourage girls to wear their hair in braids or pony tails, and instruct your child not to share brushes or combs.

If you would like your child to be professionally checked for head lice, there are a number of local companies :                                                           Read More
Lice Solutions - A non profit head lice awareness and control center
                           6758 N. Military Trail, Suite 110
                           West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

Louse Calls-  will come to your home

Lice Lifters of Palm Beach Gardens
                            9089 North Military Trail
                            Sunny Plaza
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