Local Yoga Teacher Leads Chakra Class For Upper School Students

Yogi Marianne Baum spent the morning of April 12 teaching a Chakra class to upper school World Language teacher Lei Deng Cohen’s yoga students. Chakra, a Sanskrit word that translates to “wheel,” operates on the belief that there are seven centers of energy in your body that function like a rotating wheel of balancing energy.

“Yoga is so important for students. It helps them to relax, improve their flexibility and concentrate. Benjamin’s yoga program is even far beyond that. We learn meditation, chanting, alignment, Sanskrit and philosophies. I put in a lot of yoga philosophies (I use Sutras of Patanjali as the guidance) that are helpful for training the mind, such as the philosophies of discipline, kindness, gratitude and many more. My goal of this course is to let students know the basic knowledge of  every aspect of yoga and that includes the knowledge of Chakra,” said Cohen, who offers a semester long yoga course at the Upper School.

Cohen started the class at Benjamin two years ago, which includes the study of anatomy, yoga history quizzes, projects and a final exam. The course is open to any faculty member who wishes to join.

“I think everyone needs yoga,” said Cohen.  

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