Middle, Upper School Commemorate 9/11 Anniversary

Middle and Upper school students and faculty members observed the 17th anniversary of September 11, 2001 with special assemblies. English Department Chair Perry Feky worked with members of the Perry Feyk Project (PFP) to perform Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” during the Upper School’s commemorative assembly. The song, written by Springsteen in reaction to the terror attacks on September 11, tells the story of a New York City firefighter, climbing one of the World Trade Center towers after the hijacked planes hit them. Seniors Andrew DeFerrari, Benjamin Lesserson, Julia Palomba and juniors Alexandra Denholtz and Dean Silvers performed the song with faculty advisor Perry Feyk during the somber gathering in Benjamin Hall.

Head of Middle School Chuck Hagy led a Patriot’s Day assembly in the middle school quad, which featured students reading from a letter George W. Bush had written after 9/11 as well as performances by the middle school chorus. Students then took a moment of silence before walking reverently back to their classrooms.

“Middle Schoolers need to develop a sense of history and memory - not only national memory, but we have a very personal memory here because of Lindsay Morehouse and Patrick Aranyos, who died on September 11. That personal connection we have is extremely important," said Hagy.

“A lot of conversation has come up over the last few days about what can we do so we talk about acts of service, how those look, how you start to serve your community by just being kind and nice to each other as cliche as it sounds. We talked about heroes this morning and the fact that with a great tragedy there was also great heroism too. We spoke about what heroism would look like off and on campus. Most people who are heroes don’t expect to be but when the opportunity comes they take it. We've talked about taking that opportunity.”


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