Seniors Honored At Annual Awards Banquet

Senior academicians, athletes and artists were celebrated during the Senior Awards and Reception the evening of May 2 in Benjamin Hall.

Head of Upper School Fletcher Carr offered a warm welcome to the families and friends of the senior class before turning the program over to Assistant Head of School for Academics Ken Didsbury who presented a series of awards.

Didsbury commenced the ceremony by presenting Cameron Pirozzi with the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award. Seniors were recognized for a series of departmental awards including the Julian Reynolds Career Athlete Award, presented to Kaiir Elam and Hannah Hilcoff. Seniors Kaiir Elam and Ben Lubarsky also had their jerseys retired.

Dr. James Haley presented the third annual Engineering Certificate to seniors who took four additional courses, contributed six semesters of work in an extracurricular club focused on science, engineering or robotics, and completed a capstone project in engineering or design. Cameron Pirozzi, Anthony Kearns, Skyler Kretz and Noelle Matese all received the certificate for their tremendous work.

Students received academic recognition in English, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, World Languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies along with participation recognition in Honor Council, the National Honor Society, Cum Laude Society and Student Council.

Noelle Matese received the Faculty Academic Achievement Award. The honor is awarded by the Upper School to a student in the senior class who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, a scholarly approach to learning, a strong sense of responsibility and who has made significant contributions to the academic community.

The evening concluded with the naming of Salutatorian Andrew DeFerrari and Valedictorian Robert Rubin.

See below for a full list of the senior award recipients.
Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award:
Cameron Pirozzi

President’s Education Awards:
Anthony Comorat, Andrew DeFerrari, Jack Goetschius, Joshua Greene, Noelle Matese, Eleanor Nissen, Julia Palomba, Yuechen Pei, Cameron Pirozzi, Robert Rubin, Benjamin Smithy, Skyler Twyman

Cindy Hughes Memorial Scholarship Award:  Daniela Garcia

Walter A. “Monk” Wright Award:  Andrew DeFerrari  

The Helen Shick Award:  Eva Hasenhuttl-Bishop

National Merit Scholarship Program:
Commended Scholars: Jack Goetschius, Jake Martin, Robert Rubin
Finalist: Robert Rubin

Engineering Certificates:
Cameron Pirozzi, Anthony Kearns, Skyler Kretz, Noelle Matese

English Awards:
AP Literature:  Joshua Greene
Senior Selections:  Nicole Vernis
Senior Outstanding Scholar:  Robert Rubin
Pathfinder Nominee in Literature: Andrew DeFerrari

Social Studies:
AP Psychology:  Ellie Nissen
Linda Willich Super Slam in Social Studies:  
Jack Goetschius, Shiyanna McLeod, Axel Schultz, Sophie Smith, Jack Spingarn, Skyler Twyman
Senior Outstanding Scholar:  Jack Goetschius
Pathfinder Nominee in History/Political Science:   
Cameron Pirozzi
Richard F. Ridgway Award:  Sophie Smith

World Languages:
AP Mandarin Chinese:  Joshua Greene
Honors Survey of French Literature and Film: Anthony Kearns
AP French Language and Culture: Samantha Sweeney
Spanish Conversation and Culture: Hanna Hilcoff
Spanish 5 Honors:  Lowell Carr
AP Spanish Language and Culture:  Julia Palomba
Senior Outstanding Scholar in World Languages: Samuel Fox
Pathfinder Nominee for Foreign Language: Samuel Fox

Visual Arts:
AP Art History:  Nico Pei
AP Studio Art:  Dylan Shao
AP Photography:  Alicia de Fabrique
Ceramics:  Parker Haskin
Senior Outstanding Scholar:  Anthony Kearns
Pathfinder Nominee for Art: Natalie Sanders

Performing Arts:
Senior Drama Award:  Benjamin Smithy
  • Senior Dance Award:  Daniela Garcia
  • National Orchestra Award:  Eva Hasenhuttl-Bishop
  • National Band Award:  Samantha Sweeney  
  • National Choral Award:  Julia Palomba
  • Senior Broadcast Excellence Award:  Jenna Byrne and Isabelle Goldstein
  • Vanessa Anderson Award:  Etoile Gelman
  • Pathfinder Nominee for Music/Instrumental: Benjamin Lesserson
  • Pathfinder Nominee for Music/Vocal: Julia Palomba
  • Pathfinder Nominee for Drama: Gabrio Capaldi
  • Pathfinder Nominee for Communications: Madison Wilson

  • College Algebra/Trigonometry:  Daniella Beckerman
  • AP Statistics:  Noelle Matese
  • AP Calculus BC:  Robert Rubin
  • Pathfinder Nominee for Mathematics: Anthony Kearns
  • Mu Alpha Theta: Andrew DeFerrari, Robert Rubin, Samantha Sweeney
  • Phyllis Wisner Outstanding Scholar Award: Robert Rubin

  • Pathfinder Nominee in Science: Noelle Matese
  • Pathfinder Nominee in Computer Science: Christian Krenzlin
  • Advanced Human Anatomy:  Alicia de Fabrique and Noelle Matese
  • AP Biology:  Eva Hasenhuttl-Bishop
  • AP Physics 2:  Brian Lopes
  • Engineering:  Cameron Pirozzi
  • Game Design:  Natalie Sanders
  • Meteorology:  Anthony Kearns
  • Outstanding University Research Award:  Noelle Matese
  • Senior Outstanding Scholar in Computer Science: Christian Krenzlin
  • Senior Outstanding Scholar in Science:  Noelle Matese
  • The Dr. Robert F. Busse Award: Cameron Pirozzi

Additinal Pathfinder Nominees:
Rewarding for Academic Excellence:
  • Pathfinder Nominee for Business: Francis Joseph Spellman IV
  • Pathfinder Nominee in Forensics/Speech:  Anya Orsic
  • Pathfinder Nominee for Community Involvement: Sophie Smith
  • Pathfinder Nominee for Academic Excellence: Robert Rubin

  • Pathfinder Nominee in Sports: Skyler Twyman
  • Buccaneer Awards:  Jenna Byrne, Lowell Carr, Jack Donnelly, Kaiir Elam, Hannah Foster, Daniela Garcia, Josh Greene, Eva Hasenhuttl-Bishop, Parker Haskin, Hanna Hilcoff, Tyler Judge, Joseph LaBovick, Madison Lichtig, Michael Lobosco, Brian Lopes, Ben Lubarsky, Ainsley Malamala, Joe Mariani, Jesse Martin, TJ McKenzie, Shiyanna McLeod, Abby Moss, Connor Murphy, Robert Rubin, Ali Savidge, Whitney Sousa, Ashley Turner, Skyler Twyman

  • Julian Reynolds Career Athlete Award:
Kaiir Elam and Hannah Hilcoff
  • Retired Jerseys:  Kaiir Elam and Ben Lubarsky

Final Awards
  • Faculty Academic Achievement Award:  Noelle Matese
  • Salutatorian:Andrew DeFerrari
  • Valedictorian:  Robert Rubin

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