Senior Nicolas Lama Leads Environmental Conservation Effort

Nicolas Lama
This year I was nationally selected as an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador, and as part as my role, I planned and hosted an event for the upper school in celebration of World Water Monitoring Day which is Wednesday, September 18th.

During an all-school assembly, I gave a presentation about the EarthEcho Water Challenge, how water monitoring is conducted, and the importance of protecting our local water resources. 

On September 14, I led a group of high school National Honor Society and Environmental Club members through an interactive water quality demonstration at John D MacArthur State Park, where we tested different parameters like temperature, turbidity, pH, and dissolved oxygen. I taught our volunteers how they can use water monitoring data to discuss strategies and take action to protect our local waterways.

We also learned about the marine debris and plastic pollution problem that our waterways are facing all around the world, before journeying into the state park's natural mangrove forests to conduct a marine debris clean up ourselves. In just over an hour, our team picked up an astounding 74 pounds of plastic and trash found stuck in the mangrove ecosystems! 

As the founder of an environmental conservation organization myself, The Grove Project, which aims to help protect South Florida's mangrove ecosystems, it was so amazing to be able to lead my classmates in a group project to help protect our mangroves and pick up so much marine debris.

All in all, it was an incredible day of civic engagement and environmental activism. We, the youth generation of this planet, are the future, and I am so glad I had a chance to lead my peers in a project to help protect our earth!

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