Upper School Students, Teachers Share Holiday Traditions During Annual Assembly

Upper School students and teachers shared stories and memories of their holiday traditions during an annual assembly in Benjamin Hall on December 10. 

Interim Head of School Tom Reid opened the assembly by placing a Boston Red Sox Santa hat on his head.

“I’ve had this since 2004 and consider it precious as a Red Sox fan,” said Reid. The bold move was met by both cheers and boos from the audience. 

Senior Ellie Blain shared her memories of the Christmas season and her family’s annual traditions. 

“This is the time when family and friends can gather to celebrate the birth of Christ,” said Blain. Blain recounted her family’s yearly practice of adorning their home in colored lights, watching the annual Boat Parade, and decorating their Christmas tree with sentimental ornaments. 

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Upper school Social Studies teacher Caroline Guzman and English teacher Perry Feyk also shared their Christmas traditions. 

“Christmas always meant magic as a kid . . .  I don’t remember a single present I got for Christmas. It’s the little memories that really stand out for me. I’m lucky enough now that I get to see Christmas through the eyes of my kids and it’s truly better than anything I experienced as a kid growing up,” said Guzman.

Senior Caroline Moody shared her family’s Hanukkah traditions and the history of the holiday. She explained the rules of dreidel, a game often played during Hanukkah, and its deeper meaning. 

“...Like most traditions in Judaism it has a deeper meaning. Each of the letters are said to represent a Hebrew phrase - ‘a great miracle happened there’ - Israel, to remind us that we are free to play games, practice our religion, and be who we are because the relentless spirit of our people to never give in to oppression or persecution,” said Moody.

Upper School students Dora Redmon and Mady Wilson explained the origins and traditions surrounding the social holiday of Kwanzaa. The chorus, glee club, and dance team entertained the audience with holiday performances representing different cultures and traditions. 

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