Senior Class Honored During Virtual Awards Ceremony

The senior class was honored for their academic, athletic, and artistic achievements during a virtual Senior Awards Ceremony the evening of May 20.

Head of Upper School Fletcher Carr thanked the class of 2020 for their grace and maturity exhibited throughout an unimaginable time.

“In such times I think we all look for the silver lining. I’m not sure that I’ve found it but I’ve found a number of silver linings and so many of those have been attributed to your generosity and resilience. I’ve also found similar silver linings in so many of the upper school community whether teachers, parents, or alumni. If I’m discouraged I just have to think back to something as recent as last Friday night’s Senior Parade at the upper school,” said Carr. “The smaller blessings must sustain us and the class of 2020 has certainly been one of those during this time.”

Carr then turned the program over to outgoing Assistant Head For Academics Ken Didsbury who presented the first awards of the evening. Didsbury commenced the awards by honoring Emily Horgen with the Daughters Of The American Revolution Good Citizen Award. The award recognizes a senior for their contributions to their community and school.

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Seniors Vincent Amato, Christian Baldari, Ashley Cousin, Emily Horgen, Nicolas Lama, Kiersten Malmberg, Caroline Moody, James Richardson, Dean Silvers, Heather Sley, and Tatiana Ziff received the Presidents’ Education Award.

Broadcasting from an empty Barker Performing Arts Center, Interim Head of School Tom Reid bestowed the Cindy Hughes memorial scholarship, given to a senior who has shown a passion for music and the arts, on Ty Campbell. Reid also presented the Walter A. Monk Wright good citizen award to Nicholas and Vincent Amato. 

The Helen Shick Award, given in honor of the former Benjamin art teacher who was a part of the community for 36 years, was presented to James Richardson and Roshaune Downie. The award recognizes a senior who quietly gets the job done despite adversity.

Student-athletes Daniel McCullon and Ellie Blain were named Julian Reynolds Career Athletes and Blain’s volleyball jersey was retired. 

Students received academic recognition in English, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, World Languages, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, athletic recognition and participation recognition in Honor Council, the National Honor Society, Cum Laude Society, and Student Council.

National Merit Scholar Commended Scholars, Finalists, and Winners were also recognized. Three members of the senior class - Ashley Cousin, Nicolas Lama and James Richardson - were Merit Winners.

Emily Horgen received the Faculty Academic Achievement Award. The honor is bestowed upon a senior who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, a scholarly approach to learning, a strong sense of responsibility and who has made significant contributions to the academic community.

“In a class as strong as this one, you can imagine the conversation around this award was passionate,” said Carr.

The evening concluded with the naming of Valedictorian Nicolas Lama and Salutatorian Ashley Cousin.

“When our past, present, and future seem as blended and undefined as they do now, the future becomes the present in a blank and given some of the longstanding beliefs and best practices that have crumbled under the weight of both the pandemic and their own inertia, you have much more power than you know to go out and make an immediate impact on both the present and in a blank the future,” said Carr. “And I can not think of a class that has done more to earn our confidence...than yours.”

See the entire list of senior award winners below.

Class of 2020
Senior Awards
Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award
Emily Horgen
President’s Education Awards
Vincent Amato, Christian Baldari, Ashley Cousin, Emily Horgen, Nicolas Lama, Kiersten Malmberg,
Caroline Moody, James Richardson, Dean Silvers, Heather Sley, Tatiana Ziff
Walter A. “Monk” Wright Award
Nicholas Amato and Vincent Amato
The Helen Shick Award
James Richardson and Roshaune Downie
Cindy Hughes Award
Ty Campbell
English Awards
AP Literature
Ashley Cousin
Senior Selections
Phoebe Denenberg
Senior Outstanding Scholar
Nicholas Lama
Social Studies
AP Microeconomics
Nicholas Amato
History of Florida and the Caribbean
McKenzie Matevia
AP Government
Caroline Moody
Linda Willich Super Slam in Social Studies
Vincent Amato, Christian Baldari, Joey Berg, Zack Feldman, Katie Hewitt,
James Richardson, Heather Sley, Tati Ziff
Senior Outstanding Scholar
Christian Baldari
Richard F. Ridgway Award
James Richardson
World Languages
AP Mandarin Chinese
Ashley Cousin
Honors Mandarin Chinese 5
Phoebe Denenberg
French 3 Honors
Daymon Cantave
French 4 Honors
Alicia Liu
AP French Language and Culture
Kiran Houri
Spanish Conversation and Culture
Bella Craven
AP Spanish Language and Culture
Alexandra Denholtz
Senior Outstanding Scholar in French
Christian Baldari
Senior Outstanding Scholar in Spanish
Caroline Moody
Senior Outstanding Scholar in Mandarin Chinese
Emily Horgen
Visual Arts
AP Art History
Nicolas Lama
AP Drawing
Ty Campbell
AP Photography
Sarah Caroline Crall and Isabela Valdes
Jenna Fonda
Visual Art Department Award
Emily Horgen
National Scholastic Medals
Ty Campbell, Madison Marotta, Caroline Small, Isabela Valdes, Tatiana Ziff
Performing Arts
Senior Drama Award
Nicholas Amato
Senior Dance Award
Jada Travis
National Orchestra Award
James Richardson
National Band Award
Dean Silvers
Senior Broadcast Excellence Award
McKenzie Matevia
Vanessa Anderson Award
Jada Travis
College Algebra/Trigonometry
Bianca Yan
Isabel Samarias
AP Statistics
Ashley Cousin
AP Calculus BC
Justin Stohlman
Mu Alpha Theta
Alec Adam, Leslie Berg, Ashley Cousin, Nicolas Lama, James Rchardson, Dean Silvers
Justin Stohlman
Phyllis Wisner Outstanding Scholar Award
Ashley Cousin
Engineering Certificate
Justin Stohlman
Advanced Human Anatomy
Wells Carr
AP Environmental Science
Sarah Caroline Crall
AP Physics 1
Nicolas Lama
AP Physics 2
Justin Stohlman
Ashley Cousin
Josie Austin
Outstanding University Research Award
Emily Horgen
Senior Outstanding Scholar in Computer Science
Steven Ippolito
Senior Outstanding Scholar in Science
Ashley Cousin
The Dr. Robert F. Busse Award
Kassandra Jutis
Buccaneer Awards
Gian Abbonizio, Gabe Agrama, Nicky Amato, Chtistian Baldari, Lexi Balduzzi, Sierra Barron, Francis Barros, Sarah Beqaj, Joey Berg, Leslie Berg, Ellie Blain, Jason Blum, Blake Bowen
Ty Campbell, Daymon Cantave, Sarah Caroline Crall, Wells Carr, Caroline Charles, Jason Chen, Alex Cohen, Ashley Cousin, Bella Craven, Phoebe Denenberg, Roshaune Downie, Catherine Dunkin
Jenna Fonda, Kersten Galeta, Daniella Gangi, Alex Goldberg, Peyton Greene, Vance Hendryx, Kaitlyn Hewitt, Emily Horgen, Kiran Houri, Elena Ippolito, Stephen Ippolito, Bryce Kendrigan, Xander Kline, Regan Kretz, Nicolas Lama
Lauren Lange, Emma Laszewski, Coby Leibowitz, Alexia Letsche, AJ Levitt, Grace Mack, Kiersten Malmberg, Madison Marotta
Addison Matevia, Kenzie Matevia, Daniel McCullon, Caroline Moody, Bill Moscatello, Ned Murphy, Rigby Peckham, Joshua Pierre-Louis, Mariana Perez-Vargas, James Richardson, Tommy Rooney
Colin Ryan, Dean Silvers, Heather Sley, Caroline Small, Alexis Tadros, Alexa Tiano, Isabella Valdes
Zander Valentini, Alyssa Vitale, Sarah Weiss, Cam Williams, Bianca Yan, Michael Yancey, Tatiana Ziff
Julian Reynolds Career Athlete Award
Daniel McCullon and Ellie Blain
Retired Jerseys
Ellie Blain-Volleyball
Pathfinder Awards 
Academic Excellence
Nicolas Lama
Tatiana Ziff
Dean Silvers
Christian Baldari
Community Involvement
Isabella Craven
Computer Science
Scott Pignataro
Isabel Samarias
Foreign Language
Alexandra Denholtz
Caroline Moody
History/Political Science
James Richardson
Emily Horgen
Ashley Cousin
Music/ Instrumental
Alec Adam
Music/ Vocal
Kaitlyn Hewitt
Justin Stohlman
Ellie Blain
Final Awards 
Faculty Academic Achievement Award:
Emily Horgen
Founders' Cups
Ashley Cousin
Nicolas Lama
Organizational Recognitions 
Honor Council
Advisor: Mrs. McCambridge
Vincent Amato (President), Nicholas Amato (VP), Zack Feldman (VP)
Christian Baldari (Secretary)
Vincent Amato, Nicholas Amato, Zach Feldman, Christian Baldari, Nicolas Lama
National Honor Society:
Advisor: Ms. Misselhorn
Nicolas Lama (President), Tatiana Ziff (Vice-President), Nicholas Amato (Treasurer),
Vincent Amato (Secretary), Ellie Blain (In-School Service), Heather Sley (Out-of-School Service)
Class of 2020 Members:
Alec Adam, Nicholas Amato, Vincent Amato, Josie Austin, Francis Barros, Christian Baldari, Leslie Berg,
Joey Berg, Ellie Blain, Jason Blum, Blake Bowen, Christian Cassanelli, Caroline Charles,
Zixuan Chen, Ashley Cousin, Sarah Caroline Crall, Bella Craven, Ty Campbell, Alex Cohen,
Jessica Davis, Phoebe Denenberg, Alexandra Denholtz, Catherine Dunkin, Molly Rose Freeman,
Alex Goldberg, Peyton Greene, Kaitlyn Hewitt, Emily Horgen, Kiran Houri, Kassandra Jutis, Regan Kretz,
Nicolas Lama, Lauren Lange, Alexia Letsche, Xiao Liu, Kiersten Malmberg, Caroline Moody,
Scott Pignataro, James Richardson, Colin Ryan, Isabel Samarias, Dean Silvers, Heather Sley,
Caroline Small, Justin Stohlman, Alexa Tiano, Isabela Valdes, Zander Valentini,
Mariana Vargas, Sarah Weiss, Alexandra Walczak, Michael Yancey, Tatiana Ziff
Cum Laude Society:
Chapter President: Mr. Carr
Alec Adam, Nicholas Amato, Vincent Amato, Christian Baldari, Leslie Berg,
Ellie Blain, Ashley Cousin, Alexandra Denholtz, Catherine Dunkin, Emily Horgen
Kassandra Jutis, Nicolas Lama, Kiersten Malmberg, Caroline Moody,
James Richardson, Dean Silvers, Heather Sley, Justin Stohlman, Tatiana Ziff
Student Council:
Advisor: Mrs. Pierman
Alexis Tadros (President), Ty Campbell (Vice-President),
Devyn Dyett '21 (Communications Officer), Will Zhang '21 (Financial Officer)
12th Grade Class Representatives:
Rigby Peckham, Alexa Tiano, Regan Kretz, AJ Levitt
National Merit Scholarship Program
Commended Scholars: 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program:
Christian Baldari, Leslie Berg, Alexandra Denholtz, Kiersten Malmberg,
Justin Stohlman, Michael Yancey
Semifinalists: 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program:
Vincent Amato, Ashley Cousin, Emily Horgen, Nicolas Lama, Caroline Moody,
James Richardson, Xiaohan Song, Tatiana Ziff
Finalist(s): 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program:
Vincent Amato, Ashley Cousin, Emily Horgen, Nicolas Lama, Caroline Moody,
James Richardson, Tatiana Ziff
Scholastic Achievement Award Recipients:
Ashley Cousin, Nicolas Lama, and James Richardson
Class of 2020 qualified for:
$1,948,480 in Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarship money:
Florida Academic Scholars Awards:
$1,507,680 (54 students)
Florida Medallion Scholars Awards:
$430,800 (20 students)
Additional Scholarships Total:


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