Alumnus Sutter Offers Career Advice To Business Class

Talbot Sutter ‘07 spoke with members of Dr. Hope Myers’ upper school business class about the art of persuasion. Sutter, who founded the real estate firm Sutter & Nugent, spoke to the class about his journey in real estate and the ingredients needed for career success. 

“When we first started out, we researched what everyone else was doing and twisted it in a way that we could do something brand new and bring something unique to the real estate world,” said Sutter. He said standing out from the crowd was how he and his colleagues started procuring business and persuading buyers and sellers to use his firm. 

Sutter emphasized the importance of integrity and relationship building both in work and life. 

“You can build a reputation for ten years and blow it in just five minutes,” said Sutter, who reminded the class that future employers are already watching their social media and online presence. 

“As you graduate from Benjamin and enter into the business world, remember that everything you do now may impact someone’s decision to hire or refer you. Not to be paranoid, but everything you’re doing online is accessible to a future employer,” said Sutter.

Sutter encouraged the class to step out of their comfort zone as they navigate life after Benjamin. 

“Don’t waste any time. Don’t be afraid of failing. When I first started, I was petrified of failing. Everyone starting something new is going to carry the same fear, if they tell you otherwise they are lying. But the only difference between people who become successful and those who don’t is that they just don’t give up. They keep going. Find out what your motivation is and build from there,” said Sutter. 

Sutter credited The Benjamin School for laying the foundation for his career success.

“To this day I still have dreams about Benjamin. The relationships you have at this School - to me - was the best learning experience ever,” said Sutter.
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