College Counseling Team Hosts Virtual Coffee Talk

The upper school college counseling team hosted a virtual coffee on December 3 for 8th grade families interested in learning about the college process. The event, led by Director of College Counseling Anna Wright, offered an open forum for parents to ask questions regarding the college admissions process and the journey their students will take in the upper school.

Associate Director of College Counseling Bekka Goldberg said the team’s primary concern is for students’ health and happiness during their time at the upper school.

“We don’t want the college counseling process to be something that’s overwhelming and stressful. We really focus on who they are as human beings. What’s going to make them happy. And how we can go on to help them do whatever that is in college,” said Goldberg.

One of the central goals of the college counseling team is to form those unique interpersonal connections with each of their students throughout their four years at the upper school.

Goldberg said there are inherent transferable skills embedded in the college process beyond where a student ultimately chooses to attend. Her hope is that students will take some of these skills with them as they travel beyond Benjamin. 

“We want them to find activities that they love, and develop and grow a passion so that they are leaders in our community and the broader community. Those are the things that universities are looking for beyond test scores and grades,” she said.
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