Cyber Security Expert Speaks With TBS About Digital Safety

Former IT executive turned cyber security expert Richard Guerry spoke with Benjamin students and parents about responsible online communication and digital citizenship the week of October 9. Guerry, executive director of the non-profit organization the Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication, has dedicated his life to teaching young people digital safety.

Guerry underscored the potential for students to become the statistics of pitfalls as the first digital generation and the guinea pigs of evolving technologies. 

“Humans are becoming statistics of pitfalls for the next generation to learn from. We are leaving a path of data in our wake. Become a statistic of promise instead,” he said as he encouraged students to adopt a broad digital consciousness. 

Guerry used the analogy of playing with fire and its potential to burn as a metaphor for the potential risk of unsafe digital activity. He reminded students that technology has eliminated space and time in a competitive global economy and future employers have the opportunity to be incredibly selective in their hiring decisions. 

“Employers can be very selective about who they choose to hire,” he said, reminding students that one choice made in a “second of your existence on this planet” could destroy everything they worked their young adult lives for including college and sports scholarships and acceptance. 

“No one is going to take a chance on a jerk,” he said. 

He reminded families that the ways content can be shared are infinite. 

“I don’t consider this a phone, but a window to the world. But windows work two ways; if there’s a connection in, there’s a connection out,” he said. 
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