Why iPads

According to the Technology Department at St. Ignatius College Preparatory School in California, students need a window from their [TBS classroom] to the world, and they need a 21st century communication tool that can collect, synthesize, and produce evidence of their learning. We feel that an iPad more than meets the criteria for such a tool. Here are some of the features that facilitate students' collection, analysis, integration and creative demonstration of their learning experiences:

  • The long battery life means that students can make it through an entire school day without recharging.
  • The iPad allows for easy face-to-face interaction, avoiding the barrier between students and teachers that occurs with a traditional laptop lid.
  • Drawing on the iPad’s screen is useful in a variety of disciplines, such as drawing plant vascular systems in science or geometric shapes in math.
  • Handwriting on the iPad’s screen is useful for quick note-taking in all classes.
  • Pen-based annotation of documents and books is quick and easy.
  • Reading textbooks and other long-form materials from the iPad is more comfortable than similar reading on a traditional laptop screen.
  • The iPad’s small size fits conveniently in student backpacks.
  • The broad developer base provides numerous discipline-specific apps
  • The iPad’s instant on/ instant off capability preserves class-time for meaningful learning activities; learning isn’t put on hold while a traditional laptop boots up or shuts down.
  • The iPad does not allow true multitasking, thus encouraging students to focus on the learning task at hand.
  • The built-in camera takes movies, and is easy to use for in-class activities such as practicing conversations in World Language class.
  • There are fewer pieces and components on the iPad compared to a traditional laptop, reducing maintenance.
(Source: St. Ignatius College Preparatory, San Francisco, CA: Why iPads?)

Technology Support Centers

The Benjamin School has Technology Offices on both the Lower/Middle School and Upper School campuses. Students can visit the Technology Office to receive support on any technology related issues.  Our knowledgeable staff are available to answer questions and address any concerns you may have. Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 am - 3 pm.

Please note, our offices are closed on Friday during the summer.

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